Vision Scout 2 Zip Waders

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Vision Scout 2 Zip Waders
Extra Large

These Vision scout 2.0 zip waders are made from a revolutionary 37.5® Technology fabric, so you know the breath ability is of world leading class. The cut has been adjusted so they follow the same sizing as other Vision waders, giving the perfect fit. Scout 2.0 waders have a fully waterproof front pocket, it stays waterproof even if you happen to take a short accidental dip (of course, it needs to be properly closed).

The good fit is achieved with a curved cut on the legs and the number of the seams are minimised for ultimate wear resistance. Elastic braces and belt allow you to adjust them for your comfort. The neoprene socks are made from High Density neoprene, both for comfort and longevity.

A full length zipper in front makes getting in and out easier, while assisting ventilation during extreme heat hikes and when nature calls, a very handy feature indeed! The main zipper is positioned at a slight angle to give you more support from the braces for opening and closing. This way we also managed to create more room for the waterproof pocket on the other side. Also, this pocket zipper is placed at an angle so you have easier access to the inside organisers

37.5® TECHNOLOGY works with your body to balance heat and moisture, creating a personally regulated micro-climate of comfort. Hydrophilic active particles attract water molecules even at the vapour stage. They absorb the body’s IR energy giving water a reason to leave the particle. Active particles add an immense amount of surface area to the fabric and this allows fabric to evaporate more water exponentially faster. By actively responding to body temperature, these particles use energy from the body to accelerate drying rates – up to five times faster!

  • Latest fabric featuring 37.5® Technology
  • Fully waterproof chest pocket with a TiZip Master Seal 6 zipper
  • Full length TIZIP MasterSeal 10 zipper
  • Seam optimisation secured with our new E-Tape
  • Heavier bottom fabric, lighter upper fabric
  • Curved NoSeam™ cut for perfect fit
  • Matching colour belt and braces
  • D-rings and drying loops
  • Built-in gravel guards
  • Ultimate comfort