Classic fly fishing kit

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9' 0" #6
9' 6" #7

Classic Fly Fishing Kits include 9′ #5, 9′ #6, 9’6″ #7 and 10′ #7 and Junior Fly Fishing Kit 7’#6 one of the smallest kits in the range aimed at junior anglers with a shorter length and lighter weight rod that won’t overload small wrists- the heavier line weight allows quick loading of the rod at short distance to help teach youngsters what a loading rod feels like

  • Built from a high modulus, lightweight graphite for light feel in your hands
  • 4-piece sections within the kit
  • High-lift snake guides for effortless casting
  • A-Grade cork handle for lightweight feel and grip
  • Light aluminium reel seat
  • Quality cloth rod bag is included to keep all the kit together
  • Classic floating fly line – both backing and fly line are already pre-loaded and the tapered leader attached so choose a fly and on you go

7’#4 – perfect rod for small brooks and streams when you need a delicate, stealthy approach, 8’6″#5 – ideal for rivers or small still waters making a great starter kit for juniors beginning to fish, 9′ #5 – next step up from smaller models ideal for river or light, small still water kit, 9′ #6 – good all-round kit equally at home on the river, small still water or lake, 9’6″ #7 – for the larger still water lake or reservoir. Longer and heavier weight provides lots of power for the extra distance required, 10′ #7 – Perfect rod for larger still waters or single-handed salmon and sea-trout applications. Crisp middle to tip action provides effortless distance casting and plenty of reserves of power to play larger fish, ideal for bank or boat fishing