Vulkan 6mm 35mK Smart Thermal Monocular



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Vulkan 6mm 35mK Smart Thermal Monocular

The HIK Vision Vulkan 6mm delivers a high-quality thermal image and packs a host of features normally reserved for high-end thermal spotters.

This product has been optimized for air rifle and rimfire shooters who don't require spotting quarry at long distances.

If you require long range detection please follow the link to the HIK Vision Vulkan 15mm 35mK Smart Thermal Monocular or HIK Vision Vulkan 35mm 35mK Smart Thermal Monocular

The 160x120px, 17µm thermal sensor (35mK NETD Rating) and HIK software delivers a detailed image to the screen. The WiFi and dedicated app allows you to take complete control of the unit's settings and features from your smartphone.

35mK NETD Rating = One of the most sensitive sensors available on the market, detecting even the smallest temperature differences!

IP67 rating guarantees a robust chassis capable of repelling dust and rain, protecting you from the worst of the weather.