Harkila Heated Long John



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Harkila Heated Long Johns
Extra Large

Harkila Heated Long Johns are a pair of long underpants with built in heating membranes that can be set to exactly the temperature you desire. This makes them an excellent choice for a wide range of hunting and outdoor activities in the cold weather.

Main Fabric: 80% Nylon/20% Spandex, Single Jersey


  • Soft elastic webbing at waist for comfort fit
  • 3 heat panels: Lower back & knees
  • Flap at waist with power button for easy access
  • Full stretch

Made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex, making them quick drying, stretchy and hardwearing. They have a modern cut, fitting relatively snugly to the body. In the parts of the lower body most vulnerable to cold - the lumbar region and just above the knees – there are heating membranes sewn in which, using a smartphone app, can be set to exactly the desired temperature between 32C and 43C. The membranes can also be set to 32C, 38C or 43C using the push button in the waistband, without using the app.

The long johns can also be safely machine washed. In the waistband is a long, fabric covered cord with a waterproof USB plug, for connecting a power bank of the desired capacity. With a power bank of 10,000mAh, the Harkila Heat Long Johns can output their highest temperature of 43C for about 7 hours at an outdoor temperature of 0C. To save energy, the heating membranes automatically go into standby once the garment has reached the set temperature.

The long johns are supplied with a drybag to pack them away in. 

Power pack to be purchased separately.