British Sterling

This Spanish brand is hugely influenced by the cultural heritage of the founders, sisters Mercedes and Fernando Lopez de Carrizosa, this was heavily attached to horses and this is very apparent in most Tba pieces.

The Spanish social scene surrounding the horse world is extremely sophisticated and exquisite, this is what Tba have captured superbly using stunning fabrics, exclusive tweed patterns that are blended with yarns of hundreds of different colours, very special buttons that resemble tiny jewels, colourful linens, old lace and trimmings.. Creating a style that is trendy, elegant and exclusive thus bringing the 19th century to the 20th with such flair style and passion it is very difficult to take your eyes off any of our pieces.


These fabrics, tweeds and linens are chosen by us for our store only giving our customers an exclusive timeless item that will not be worn by every other person on the high street. A must have for every women’s wardrobe.

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